If Sunlight 2015. studio shot by artist Faith M.Saxton

Faith M. Saxton

Faith M. Saxton is a fine artist with over 20 years of experience working in many different mediums. Talking about her art, Faith states, “ My motivation comes from the humble challenge of painting and the elusive effects of chroma. The ‘space of a painting’ will often change by variations in color, tone and line. Subtle adjustments in the temperature of any color, or variations in shape of a line or pattern can dramatically push the sense of space in a painting.
I try to push those boundaries by playing warm and cool colors against each other, so that
those areas fluctuate from the foreground to background, creating what I call ‘ambiguous
space.’ Iridescent pigments and duochrome paints play a part in the ever changing movement in much of the work. I simply work to push and pull space. As art often reflects life, my art is a personal and emotionally charged reflection on my self, through organic forms and

Faith has artwork featured in venues across the country.

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